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Depression Screening Quiz


You scored a total of 0

You have answered this self-report questionnaire in such a way as to suggest that you do not likely currently suffer from a depressive disorder. You should not take this as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment in any way, though. You experience the normal ups and downs of life.

If you scored...
You may have...
54 & up
Severe depression
36 - 53
Moderate/severe depression
22 - 35
Mild to moderate depression
18 - 21
Borderline depression
10 - 17
Possible mild depression
0 - 9
No depression likely

This is not meant as a diagnosis tool!

If you are suffering from feelings which are causing you concern and interfere with your daily functioning or if you are having thoughts of killing yourself or someone else, you should seek immediate treatment from a trained mental health professional within your community.

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